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the_man_burns_front_cover_900wThe Man Burns is the first sourcebook for Seeker the role playing game. The Man Burns describes the annual Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert and all the dangers, adventures, mysteries and weirdness that seekers may encounter there. The Man Burns features in depth information about Burning Man, suitable for use with any RPG, a full color interior and 69 photographs of Burning Man.

Anyone who buys the printed version can download the PDF for free here.

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 PDF: $4.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG

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They come from every walk of life. There are humble Christian monks, passionate artists, logical scientists, intense shamans and more. Some studied various philosophies and mystical systems for years before embarking on the path, others just woke up one morning and decided to make a change. They are young and old, rich and poor. Some are powerful and influential. Some are fugitives, on the run from the law.

What they all have in common is that each has decided to throw himself or herself headfirst into the search for wisdom, self-improvement and power. Each has decided that, rather than pursuing one specific dogma, they will travel the world learning from every person and every experience, in essence letting the universe teach them what it will. Each has developed powerful abilities and each has discovered that the world is a much more complicated, much more dangerous and much more wonderful place than they had ever imagined.

  • A complete role playing game. No other products needed to play.
  • Uses ORC-L, the lite version of Organic Rule Components, designed for quick character creation and light or live action play.
  • Play PCs from any background, tradition or philosophical viewpoint.
  • Each character approaches enlightenment, self-improvement or wisdom in their own unique way, and each gains unique abilities from it.
  • Contains “Weaponized Honeybees,” a complete introductory adventure.
  • Although Seekers’ adventures may take them anywhere, extensive information is given on small-town America and the secrets and dangers one may find there.

    For more information on the game, see Seeker In Brief.

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A video for introducing new players to Seeker.

Episodes of the Vajra Enterprises Fiction Podcast that take place in the world of Seeker:

Episode 23: Paths

Seeker the Role Playing Game was written and designed by Brian St.Claire-King
Cover by Jason Juta
Art by Eric Williams, Gerasimos Kolokas and Mike Mumah
Game Design Assistance by Nick Agrall
Consultation by Allon Mureinik
Copyright © 2012 by Vajra Enterprises