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They’re waiting for you in dark, dusty places, in places where people have been killed, or where people will be killed.

Waiting for you to put the needle to the groove in the slowly revolving wax cylinder.

Waiting for you to push down the tray holding the videocassette and press the large square play button.

Waiting for you to insert a coin and turn the handle that makes images flip by so quickly they appear to move.

Waiting for you to slide the hand-painted slide into the wood and metal box.

Waiting for you to don the 3D glasses from the cardstock pocket and turn the brittle page.

Waiting for you to “press any button to start” on the boxy controller.

Waiting for you to pull the ring emerging from the back of the doll, to keep pulling until the line goes taut, and then let go.

Waiting for you to tip the pen and watch the pin-up-girl’s dress slowly float off her body, revealing what is underneath.

They’re waiting for you to make the mistake that will likely be your last.

Dead Media is the third sourcebook for In Dark Alleys, the game of psychological and cosmological horror. The book details eight obsolete media items, each with dangerous supernatural properties, and the scars they have left on this world. Each is a danger to any person who encounters them, but tracing these items back to their origins will bring players one step closer to understanding the secrets of In Dark Alleys.

Warning: Contains mature subject matter.

138 pages – softcover – 8.5″x11″

Printed Version: $12.95 – Greyscale Interior – Fulfillment by Lulu

PDF: $4.95 – Full Color Interior – Fulfillment by DriveThruRPG

Anyone who buys a printed copy of the book can get the pdf here.

In the world of In Dark Alleys, pleasant façades hide terrible secrets, and there is no more pleasant façade than that of the happiest amusement park in the world. Hiding behind the smiling faces, cotton candy, princesses, rides and fantastic décor, there are creatures that hunt us, people who experiment on us, powers-that-be who watch us, and alien worlds waiting to swallow us up.

This is a Dark Ride is a sourcebook detailing the world’s most famous amusement park as it exists in the In Dark Alleys setting. Included is in-depth info on the mundane park, various supernatural entities, NPCs and groups, guidelines for creating a park employee character and a complete adventure.

The second edition contains 9 pages of additional material, including a description of the Deserted City’s own amusement park, and an easier-to-read layout.

Anyone who buys the printed book, or who owns the first edition, can download the pdf for free here.

 Printed Version: $17.50 – Fulfillment by Lulu*

 PDF: $3.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG

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Stil: Dies ist ein Spiel über ketzerische Philosophen, die abgelehnt, verspottet oder unterdrückt wurden, weil sie kein ‘gutes Ende’ kennen.

Es ist ein Spiel über Leute, die trotz der Gefahr getrieben sind, die Wahrheit zu suchen. Es handelt von dem Doppelleben, das diese Leute führen müssen und die Spannung und Gefahr, die ihre Erforschung der dunklen Wahrheiten der Welt begleiten.

Es ist ein Horrorspiel; trotzdem haben die Spieler nicht das Glück mit Monstern zu kämpfen, die sie aus Legenden kennen. Es sind keine Geister, Vampire oder Teufel. Stattdessen sind die ‚Monster‘ die Menschen, Orte und Dinge auf die man sich verlässt und die plötzlich bösartig werden, wenn man ihre wahre Natur entdeckt.

In Dark Alleys ist inspiriert von drei Kernquellen:

  • Filme der japanischen ‚Horrorrevolution‘ (sowie amerikanische Remakes).
  • Einige amerikanische Indiecomics, deren Schaffer kreative Wege fanden, den Lesern die kaputte Psyche der Protagonisten zu vermitteln.
  • Eine bestimmte Sci-Fi-Trilogie, welche Fragen über die Natur der Realität nutzt, um als Basis für wahnwitzige Action zu dienen.

Hintergrund: Das Spiel spielt in etwas, was die moderne Welt zu sein scheint, hinter der sich jedoch eine Welt voller Verschwörungen, ketzerischer Überzeugungen, okkulter Kräfte und übernatürlicher Gefahren verbirgt. Die wahre Natur des Universums wird nicht sofort an die Spieler weitergegeben, aber sie wissen so viel: Was die meisten Menschen über das Universum glauben ist nicht nur falsch, es ist eine bewusste Täuschung. Los Angeles dient als vertieftes Kampagnensetting, auch wenn man In Dark Alleys überall auf der Welt spielen kann.

Spielercharaktere: Die Spieler sind alle ‚berührte‘ Menschen, die einen Blick hinter den Vorhang der normalen Realität warfen und durch andersweltliche Kräfte unveränderlich verändert wurden. Diese Begegnungen geschahen häufig gegen ihren Willen. Was jedoch genau passierte liegt noch jenseits ihres Verständnisses und hat sie auf zwei Wege verändert. Erstens haben sie jetzt nützliche Fähigkeiten. Zweitens wissen sie jetzt dass die Wahrheit die die meisten Leute kennen eine Lüge ist.

Die Berührten werden durch Angst, Neugier und Machtgier getrieben, mehr über die dunklen Geheimnisse des Universums zu erfahren, auch wenn sie sich dadurch in Gefahren begeben, die sie nicht begreifen können und nicht unbedingt überleben müssen.

Charaktererschaffung: Der Charakter hat je einen Punktepool, um sich Attribute und Fertigkeiten zu kaufen. Alle Charaktere müssen einen Tagesjob (der Platz des Charakters in der mundanen Gesellschaft) und ein geheimes Leben (die Quelle der übernatürlichen Kräfte des Charakters) wählen.

Diese Klassen geben die Kosten (pro Level) vor, die man bezahlen muss, um Fertigkeiten der einzelnen Fertigkeitsgruppen zu steigern; der Tagesjob für mundane und das Geheimleben für die übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten. Vor- und Nachteile runden den Charakter ab; alle Punkte, die in der Charaktererschaffung verwendet werden (Fertigkeitspunkte, Attributspunkte, Geld und Vor/Nachteilspunkte) können einfach gegeneinander ausgetauscht werden.

Spieler erlangen EP (Erfahrungspunkte) indem sie Gefahren überleben, Leuten helfen, Geheimnisse des Universums lüften oder andere Charaktere erschrecken. EP können verwendet werden, um Charaktere zu verbessern. Um ihre übernatürlichen Fähigkeiten zu verbessern müssen Spieler EP ausgeben, aber auch gefährliche Experimente ihrer eigenen Fertigkeiten wagen.

Spielmechanik: Die Mechanik basiert auf einem simplen System: Die Summe der Attribute + Fertigkeiten oder andere Modifikationen + 1W20 muss gleich oder höher als die Schwierigkeit der versuchten Handlung sein. Gegenseitige Proben werden gewürfelt, falls zwei oder mehr Parteien miteinander in Konflikt stehen. Kampf basiert auf gegensätzlichen Handlungen (Aktionen) mit verschiedenen Schwierigkeiten und Effekten. Im Kampf hat jeder Charakter in jeder Runde eine Aktion zur Verfügung um gegen einen Gegner vorzugehen, und eine Reaktion, falls jemand gegen sie agiert. Übernatürliche Fähigkeiten nutzen einfach das Fertigkeitensystem.

Translation by Arabascan.

Review: “This is a horror supplement that shows a real understanding of what horror is all about…”

Review: “Game masters will find a wealth of material in which to use and reuse.”

Review: “A cerebral and visceral horror RPG that knocks the competition out of the field…”

Episode 2: Vent


Episode 6: Room in My Head


Episode 14: Narrative Character Class Test

From a discussion on Burn Immediately.


This references material from the GM-Only section of In Dark Alleys and should not be read by players.

The purpose of most elements of modern society is to keep people distracted so they don’t find out any of the important truths. Thus the collapse of society after some apocalyptic event would be a bad thing for the powers-from-beyond, who would go about trying to rebuild society as quickly as possible. If there were any of the powers-that-be left, the p-f-b would give them a large amount of power (more than they would have deemed prudent in less challenging circumstances). This means, among other things, flooding the world with a lot of “holy” objects, and that the powers-that-be would start exposing naked supernatural power to the masses (rather than keeping things subtle). If none of the powers-that-be survived (which is certainly possible if whatever happened killed off a large portion of the population and there wasn’t enough warning to get into bomb shelters) then the powers-from-beyond would choose whoever is championing the rebuilding of society and make them the new powers-that-be. The problem here is that these people may not have the population to follow order blindly and may turn against the powers-from-beyond.

If an accident that kills a few hundred people, like a train crash, can create a new Survivor, then a massive global apocalypse could create many Survivors. Survivors may even outnumber regular people. Things may have gotten so backed up in the land of the dead that many human souls (ghosts) may have escaped back into this world or even into other worlds.

A massive population loss would cause many places to become abandoned, and so after a few decades one would find the ruins of cities full of Dances, and with many psychologically-damaged survivors wandering about there is no lack of people to be made into Faustians.

With the powers-that-be no longer able to actively suppress such movements, Scribblers, Cannibals, Animists and Androgynes may become large scale movements. A wanderer in the post-apocalyptic world may find entire cities based on these ideologies.

Another consequence of the powers-that-be losing much of their power is that a lot of hidden monsters might decide that they no longer need to keep themselves in check and only hunt those who won’t be missed. Instead, many monsters (especially Torturers, IDA p.233) would start openly hunting and attacking people whenever and wherever they please.

Then there’s the problem of souls. If most people had souls when the population of the world was nearly three billion, then what will the powers-from-beyond do with all those souls when the population drops to a matter of millions? One thing they could do is expand the land of the dead and let souls stay there longer. Yet souls cannot stay in that state indefinitely (if they could, there would be no need for this world), and doing this increases the chance of a soul becoming semi-awakened. The powers-from-beyond may start putting human souls in animals (this is something that occasionally happens by accident, but now it would be done on purpose), and one would find a lot more supernaturally-smart animals in the post-apocalyptic world, yet this is also not without consequences. Another possible strategy would be to purposefully put multiple souls in each human body. As we have seen, when one human body accidentally gets two souls (see IDA, p.238), and that second soul usually becomes a sort of super-powerful-psychodynamic, capable of occasionally taking over the person’s body entirely. What would happen if many souls were put in a single person? Would they take on the roles of psychodynamics, each more self-aware of what they are than any normal psychodynamic and each trying to take over the conscious body? Might there be people with no dominant personality but multiple personalities, each of which has its own soul?

Now Available!Abandoned_Cover_350h

They have been abandoned by the people who once lived and worked in them.  The paint has been left to peel, dust to blanket every surface, windows to break, weeds to grow up through cracks, birds and mice to chew things up and build nests.

Yet just because all the people have left doesn’t mean that there is nothing still living there.  It doesn’t mean that eyes won’t watch you from the darkness as you make your way slowly down the darkened corridors, the beam of your flashlight falling everywhere except for the one spot where something waits for you.

  • A sourcebook for In Dark Alleys, the role playing game of psychological and cosmological horror.
  • An in-depth look at abandoned locations in the In Dark Alleys setting, and the dangers that inhabit them.
  • Seven different abandoned locations described in detail: a rural house, a subway station, a high-rise apartment building, a mental hospital, a cannery, a skyscraper and an entire town.
  • Each location contains challenging mysteries for players to solve: what is happening there, how did it come about and how does one escape with one’s life?
  • Complete write-ups for 58 monsters and other antagonists.
  • Contains a new character class: Tranquilites.
  • The TranquilLake setting and Tranquilite character class can be played as its own complete role playing game, with no other purchase necessary.

198 pages – softcover – 8.5″x11″

Printed Version: $22.95 – Fulfillment by Lulu

PDF: $4.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG

Anyone who buys a printed copy of the book can get the pdf here.

These In Dark Alleys character sheets are the same as those found in the game books are free to download and use.

Character Sheet

Combat Sheet