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  • The Price of Power

    Now Available!

    You can sweat for it.
    You can buy it with a wad of cash.
    You can earn it on your back.
    You can have it implanted into your body.
    You can hunt for it in the dead of night.
    You can win it with a careful word in the right ear.
    You can pry it from the dead fingers of your rivals.
    You can steal it from right under the noses of those who guard it most jealously.
    And once you have it, you will have to ask yourself: is it worth all the things you had to do to get it, and all the things you’ll have to do to keep it?

    Which is the worse fate: being powerless, or gaining power and realizing it wasn’t worth the price?

    The Price of Power is the second in the After Midnight trilogy of sourcebooks for Fates Worse Than Death. It details all the ways that people can gain power in the New York City of 2080. Included are:

    • Eleven new character classes.
    • New skills, equipment, advantages, disads and disciplines.
    • Information on the world beyond Manhattan, from the outer boroughs to a small drug-growing town in the northern Appalachians.
    • An in-depth section on life in Sing Sing prison.
    • Secrets revealed about 2080’s most powerful people and organizations, including the Drug Lords, the Hidden, corporations, the ultra-rich and more.
    • Four complete adventures.
    • Rules for tracking notoriety, for inventing new tech and for creating dwellings.

    360 pages – softcover – 8.5″x11″

     Printed Version: $24.95 – Fulfillment by Lulu*

     PDF: $4.95 – Fullfillment by DriveThruRPG

    Anyone who buys a printed copy of the book can get the pdf here or via Bitlit.

    *Look for Lulu coupons here.

  • Fates Worse Than Death the Role Playing Game

    464 pages – $16.48

    Manhattan, 2080. Ruined by decades of war and global crises, the city is now home to those that can’t or won’t fit in elsewhere. The city is little more than an anarchy, plagued by every imaginable evil and horror, from self-reproducing serial killers to pusher gangs who hold down people and force them to use drugs.

    Yet in the darkness of the city, a flame of hope smolders and grows. Homeless families are turning the wisdom from generations on the streets in to power. Good people are starting gangs for self defense, turning gang membership in to something to be proud of. Young people are using the same illegal technology that turns some people in to monsters to turn themselves in to powerful heroes.

    People in the city have finally realized that nobody else is going to save them, and they are learning to save themselves.

    • A complete game – no other products needed to play.
    • Powerful & flexible character creation system. Choose from 46 occupations and gang affiliations encompassing every segment of city society.
    • Realistically lethal combat system encourages players to think, rather than fight.
    • ‘In brief’ boxes let readers skim through for general info and dive in for more details.
    • An incredibly detailed look at one real city, describing every aspect of the city and the people who live there.
    • Fan Rewards: Gain access to free supplemental materials and get free stuff at www.fatesworsethandeath.com.
    • Detailed random encounter tables let GMs easily turn a walk down the street in to an adventure.
    • Two complete introductory adventures.Read the FWTD Game OverviewIn English Espanol Français Hungarian Danish Turkish Hebrew Swedish ; orGerman . Or see our main page of Non-Engligh Resources.If you own a physical copy of Fates Worse Than Death, download the PDF for free here.Or Preview FWTD On Google Book Search
      Printed Book, US Orders: $16.48 +$5 S&H. Fulfillment by Vajra
      Printed Book, International Orders: $16.48 +$25 S&H. Fulfillment by Vajra

    PDF: $12 – Fulfillment by DriveThruRPG

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  • Fates Worse Than Death: Spare Change Edition

    This is a free ‘lite version’ of Fates Worse Than Death, available for download in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.

    It’s 241 pages and is a complete game, with skills, equipment, a ton of setting information and everything else you’ll need to create characters or GM the game.

    However, FWTD: Spare Change edition only comes with the character creation options and setting info pertinent to Street People characters (one of three socioecenomic classes in the city). The full commercial version of Fates Worse Than Death has charcter creation options and setting information for all three classes.

    Download FWTD: Spare Change edition here: http://www.tibetrpg.com/downloads/36815/FWTDlite.zip

  • Behind the Eyes of Madness

    Now Available

    144 pgs. $24.95 &bsp; $16.95

    The first supplement in the After Midnight series. Behind the Eyes of Madness explores mental illness in the world of Fates Worse Than Death. The book includes:

        • The most complete and realistic rules for mental illness ever; allowing PCs to go insane, be insane and fight their way back to health.
        • Mentally ill homeless people (“Crazies”) as a playable character class.
        • In-depth background information on mental illness and health in city society.
        • In-depth background information on those things which can help or hurt mental health; including sex, religion and politics.
        • New bonus characteristics, skills, equipment and disciplines.
        • Two complete adventures.

    See Reviews of Behind the Eyes of Madness

    Preview Behind the Eyes of Madness at Google Books.

    Those who have bought the physical book of BEOM can download a free pdf copy here.

      Printed Book – US Orders: $24.95 $16.95 USD (free shipping and handling) Fulfillment by Vajra Enterprises.


      Printed Book – International Orders: $24.95 $16.95 USD + $25 S&H  Fulfillment by Vajra Enterprises.

    PDF: $9.00 USD Fulfillment by DriveThru RPG